January is National Blood Donor Month

Last year, in the midst of the pandemic, a client of mine who was receiving two units of blood every two weeks, was suddenly informed that, due to a shortage in blood, they needed to ration the supply. Consequently, from that point, he received only one unit of blood at each transfusion. Over the next six months his health declined, and just recently, he passed away.

I bring this up for one reason. When I learned about the rationing, it inspired me to go online to see what I could do to help. Indeed, I found out there was plenty I could do. I signed up to donate blood, and within a few weeks, the local blood donor service was at the fire station in my neighborhood, and that was the first day I gave blood. I’ve been donating blood every two months ever since.

You could do this too. It isn’t difficult. It takes so little time, and is for a good cause. From the moment I arrive to donate, to the moment I leave, only one hour passes by. That includes stopping at the cookies and juice table before leaving. The staff is appreciative and helpful.

January is National Blood Donor Month, and there is no time like the present to make this part of your regular routine. One place to start is the American Red Cross. In Northern Virginia, where I am located, you could donate through INOVA Blood Donor Services. They need our help, and only one hour every 60 days is needed. I hope you feel inclined to do this.


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