Aging in Place: A Resource to Begin Your Journey

Aging in Place: A Resource to Begin Your Journey

In my work with older adults, and with the adult children who love them, initial conversations are almost always about Mom or Dad needing more help, and how and where to give them the help and support they need.  Remaining in their own home is, in my experience as an Aging Life Care Specialist and Geriatric Care Manager, the overwhelmingly preferred choice among elders.  The needs can start out gradually, or seemingly overnight, such as in the event of a major health crisis.  But either way, remaining in one’s home is usually preferred.  It just may take some modifications to make the home setting a safe and viable care setting for your loved one.

Ideally, we start the process of making our home livable and “aging in place” ready at an earlier time. Not long ago there was an article in Architectural Digest that was based on a guide written by the New York City Department of Aging, with the goal of helping New York City seniors age in place longer. The article itself is a good resource for current and up to date recommendations when renovating with an aging in place focus, no matter where you live.


This article first appeared on February 15, 2011, and was updated on April 8, 2018.

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