Emergency Preparedness in Northern Virginia

Emergency Preparedness in Northern Virginia

We never know what life has in store for us, but good preparation can better our chances of coming through an event without total disruption to our health or lives. Good preparation for a disaster is possible more than ever. With so much extreme climate activity over the last several years, many national organizations have developed planning resources for our use. Two resources from the Red Cross and the CDC are referenced in my post of September 4, 2011. But if you live in the Northern Virginia area, here are local fire and rescue contacts (websites and/or phone number). Look up the number for your local fire station or department, and make sure you keep them posted in an easily accessible location and on your phone’s speed dial.

Your Local Fire Department Contact


Fairfax County: Fairfax County Fire and Rescue

Arlington County: Arlington County Fire and Rescue

Alexandria City: Alexandria Fire and Rescue

Prince William County: Prince William County Fire and Rescue

Loudoun County: Loudoun County Fire and Rescue Stations

Falls Church City: Falls Church Volunteer Fire Department



This post was updated on March 19, 2017to correct changes and list Northern Virginia Fire and Rescue Contacts.

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