Today I attended the memorial service for a caregiver who worked with a younger adult client.  This man, unfortunately for all who knew him, died less than four weeks after being diagnosed with cancer.  It is a shock to everyone who knows him, and many of us are still looking for him to call or e-mail or show up for his job as caregiver.  For as a caregiver and a human being, he was one of those rare persons – kind, giving, patient, funny, and easy going, and, as I learned at the memorial, a gifted prankster.   But best of all as a caregiver, he had that “certain something.”  He loved what he did as a caregiver, and he did it with enthusiasm, creativity and total commitment.  He believed in giving himself thoroughly.  The person he cared for knew she had someone special, a “one in a million.”  He brought a quality to her life that she had not known, and reminded me that caregiving may be a job, but for the gifted caregiver, it is a calling.