Being Flexible with Corporate Elder Care Benefits

Caregivers in the Workplace

I spoke with a Human Resources colleague recently who stated that while corporations and their employees have a great need for organizational elder care benefits, it is important that those who provide the benefit remain flexible in delivering the product.  That is, elder care consultants need to provide a menu of elder care services that are broad enough to touch many lives, and address many situations.

We at Senior Care Management Services are accustomed to this request.  We recognize that each elder care situation is unique.  Thus, whether it be through presentations to employees at their work site, elder care question and answer sessions with a group of employees, in-person or phone consultation with an employee, or an in-home assessment with the elder’s participation, we can help to uncover the unique needs of the elder and guide the family toward a workable solution.  Ultimately, the employer’s cost is reduced through improved employee productivity and presenteeism.

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