Caring for the Senior You Love: Learn How to Text

Caring for the Senior You Love: Learn How to Text

Hurricane Katrina taught many hard lessons about emergency preparedness.  One of the biggest lessons we learned from the devastation, was how the communication systems – personal, local, state and federal, came to a standstill.  Land phones and cell phones were not working.  The same thing happened for a period of time on September 11, 2001 when so many were calling loved ones the voice networks could not handle the overload.  With an overload, emergency service personnel may be unable to make or receive emergency calls, or to communicate with one another.

A way around this is to text.  During the aftermath of Katrina, emergency workers realized that text messaging was quick and reliable when nothing else worked.

Text messages use far less bandwidth than a normal voice call and are more likely to be successfully sent in emergency circumstances.  This means quicker assistance from emergency personnel and reassuring contact with friends and family members. And, by texting during an emergency, voice lines are freed up for emergency official’s use.

Since texting is a technology that has been new during the last decade, for those over 50 years of age, it is a technology not quickly used.  This is a great reason to go out and get a texting lesson from someone you know.  Your children would love to show you.  If you are a proficient texter, teach someone who may need a lesson, and you just might save a life during the next emergency.

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